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Fringe shows in February?!


Winter is still upon us but as the cold, wind and rain take their toll on the country a chink of summer is breaking through the clouds as the first set of Edinburgh shows are released for the 2020 Fringe.


So crack out the spreadsheet, check what shows take your fancy, work out where they are and calculate if you can run half way across Edinburgh's packed streets in 15 minutes and get your lists together.  It doesn't matter that it will change repeatedly for the next 6 months, just go for it!!


Who this year will take your fancy enough to win some awards and follow “The Shark Is Broken” and Camino De Sangjaro as our big winners from last year?  A full list of those winners can be seen here.

How's Your Fringe?


With the 2019 Fringe almost over we asked some of our favourite performers how this year has gone for them and what they've been upto.  Naz Osmanoglu, Beach Comet's Theo Macabe and Joe Bor let us know how their Fringe is.

Kika's birthday 3[2154]


With the 2019 Fringe almost here (I've checked and everything) we've been catching up with a few acts to see if they are excited, terrified or somewhere in between.



Adam from Story Pocket Theatre took the time out to answer a few

questions as they prepare to take David Baddiel's Animalcolm

novel and give it a musical spin.




DarkChat favourite Briony Redman (she gives us awards

as well as the other way around) let us know how supportive

her Mum is as she readies Sketch Artist for the 2018 Fringe.




After seeing him in preview at the Sherman (review here) we asked

comedian Matt Price how he is looking forward to the "comedian's

lottery" that is the Fringe.



We've been fans of Richard Soames for a few years now and caught

up with him as he prepares to make movies at this year's Fringe.




Most recently we saw The Flop in preview review here, from Hijinx

Theatre.  Director Ben Pettitt-Wade took the time to tell us about how previous

success has them excited for this year.




Storyteller Danyah MIller has thrilled young audiences (including our own)

for a number of years, this year she'll be performing her self-penned

story "Kika's Birthday" at Pleasance and let us know what to expect.

We've also been out and about as Fringe preview season has been in full swing and we've been seeing how acts have been preparing.




First up we saw Hijinx Theatre's The Flop in Cardiff, as they get ready for

their run at Summerhall.




Gypsy Queen from Hope Theatre will be at Assembly George

Square during August but they also visited the Welsh capital in July.




Stepping away from Theatre and taking in a bit of comedy DarkChat

saw the excellent Matt Price at The Sherman Theatre in Cardiff.




Also at The Sherman Theatre we saw the multi-talented Stuart

Goldsmith preview his stand-up show 'End Of' 




Most recently we saw Matt Forde, Brexiting Through the Gift Shop, again

at The Sherman.


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