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2014 DarkChat Awards


Below are the results of the 8th Annual DarkChat Awards, announced at a lavish(ish) ceremony in Dorset this weekend.


Action To The Word's "Dracula" topped the list of nominations received, and followed this through with an impressive 5 wins.


The full list of winners can be found below, feel free to let us know your thoughts, and who might have been your own winners.



Best Comedy  

Winner - Mischief Theatre – Lights, Camera, Improv

Also nominated

I’m Still Al Lubel

The Beta Males - Happenstance

Wit-Tank presents The School

Calypso Nights

Tony Law – Enter The Tonezone

The Haunting At Lopham House

Four Screws Loose – The Big Screw Up

Frankenstein Unbolted



 Best Music


Impressions Of Taiwan

Chelsea P Manders – Psst Don’t Tell My Dad

The Addams Family




Best Entertainment/Musical 

Near Gone

The Addams Family


Shooting The White Eagle

Back Of The Bus

Impression Of Taiwan

Out Of Water



Best Play 

Victorian Vices – The Picture Of Dorian Gray

Dim Diolch


The Curing Room

Near Gone

The Future For Beginners

I Killed Rasputin




Best Actor in a Play 

Jon Parsonage – Victorian Vices – The Picture Of Dorian Gray

Matthew Bulgo – The Future For Beginners

Joseph Chance – I Killed Rasputin

Rob Ward – Away From Home

Matt Houston – The Curing Room

Jonno Davies – Dracula



Best Actress in a Play 

Kathreina Radeva – Near Gone

Nicola McAuliffe – I Killed Rasputin

Kerry Frampton – Woyzeck

Jennifer Adams – The Future For Beginners

Rachel Bright - Dracula



Best Director 

Alexandra Spencer-Jones – Dracula

Katherina Radeva/ Alister Lorrie – Near Gone

Mal Smith/ Lucy Cuthbertson - Woyzeck

Joao De Sousa – The Curing Room

Ken Alexander – The Addams Family

Dave Spencer – Victorian Vices – The Picture Of Dorian Gray



Best Supporting Performance (shared)

Olivia Bromley – Dracula

Rupert Elmes – The Curing Room

Will Bowden – The Curing Room

Henry Bauckham – Dracula

Eileen Nicholas – I Killed Rasputin



Best Song

Dracula – I Will Hold on (Thistles and Weeds)

Perfect Day – Near Gone

Existential Baby – Chelsea P Manders – Psst Don’t Tell My Dad

Man, I Feel Like A Woman – Wit-Tank – Old School Secrets

Dracula – Toxic

Dracula - Creep

When You Are An Addams – The Addams Family

50K In Debt - UCAS



Best Free Show

Strange Face - Adventures with a Lost Nick Drake Recording

Rob Auton: The Face Show

Murder She Didn’t Write

Fred MacAulay – His Comedy World

Darren Walsh – Chicken Meow!



Best Comedy Performance 

Naz Osmanoglu – Wit-Tank – Old School Secrets

Al Lubel – I’m Still Al Lubel

Jonathan Sayer – Lights, Camera, Improv

Richard Soames – The Beta Males: Happenstance

John Henry Falle - The Beta Males: Happenstance

Barnie Duncan – Calypso Nights

Tony Law – Enter The Tonezone

Tom Neenan – The Haunting At Lopham House

Fred MaCaulay – His Comedy World



Best Performance in Entertainment/Musical/Dance

Bethany Xan Jeffery – The Addams Family

Martin Murphy – The Addams Family

Ryan Ferrie – UCAS

Parisa Shahmiri – UCAS

Alister Lorrie – Near Gone

Laura Wright – Out Of Water



Best Venue 

Pleasance Courtyard

Assembly George Square

Red Routemaster Bus

The Royal Mile – Hidden Gardens


Portobello Beach



Special Award 

David Cox For His Ticket Work

Carl Baldwin For His DARKCHAT website work *blushes

Michael Burdett – Strange Face

Tom Allen – Comedy In The Dark

Scott Smith – Woyzeck/ Shooting The White Eagle

Celia Pasquale – Fred MacAulay – His Comedy World  



Best Moment

Nativity - Four Screws Loose

Bears – The Beta Males – Happenstance

Use Of The Press Office

Conclusion To Out Of Water

Dance Running – Back Of The Bus

David Getting Covered In Popcorn On Back Of The Bus

Being Fed Home-Made Jam In Brazilian Restaurant

Playing Maracas – Calypso Nights

Spud The Cat – Hidden Gardens Of The Royal Mile

The Physicality Of The Curing Room

Opera – The Future For Beginners

Repetitive Exhaustion – The Beta Males – Happenstance

Hand Entrance – Calypso Nights

Jean Paul Sartre Or Calypso? Calypso Nights

Not His 1st Record – Strange Face

Little Boy Crispin – The Haunting At Lopham House

Uncle Fester & The Moon – The Addams Family

Near Gone – Dance Ginger Dance

Near Gone – Carnations

“Alan” – Vietnam War – I’m Still Al Lubel



 Best Show 


The Curing Room

Near Gone

Lights, Camera, Improv

The Beta Males – Happenstance

Strange Face

Back Of The Bus

Four Screws Loose – The Big Screw Up

Addams Family

Impressions Of Taiwan

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