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2016 DarkChat Awards


So the winners are in for the 10th Annual DarkChat Awards, which were announced at our annual awards ceremony in Cardiff on September 24th.


Top of the pile with 3 awards was Manual Cinema's "Ada/Ava", with "Not The Horse" and "Barry Humphries Weimar Cabaret" both scooping 2 awards each. Yes, it was a great year for unexpected gems.


The winners and the full list of nominees in each category can be found below, feel free to let us know your thoughts, and who might have been your own winners.


The reviews for all of the shows we saw can be found by checking out our 2016 Reviews page or clicking here.


Best Comedy - Briony Redman – Secret Show

James Meehan – Class Act

Robin Morgan – Free Man

Colin Hoult – Anna Man – A Sketch Show For Depressives

Ed Gamble – Stampede

Not The Horse

Naz Osmanogolu - Exposure

Chris Turner –  Observationsl Tragedy

The Country Wife

Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair



Best Music - Ada/Ava

The Miserables

Apocolypse Cruise Ship Love Affair

The Master  and Margeritta

Barry Humphries Weimar Cabaret


In The Wine

Melbourne Ska Orchestra

Orkestra Del Sol



Best Entertainment/Musical - Barry Humphries Weimar Cabaret

The Miserables

Sticks Stones Broken Bones


Tomas Ford’s Craptacular

Iraq Out Loud  



Best Dance - In The Wine




Best Performance in Entertainment/Musical - Meow Meow – Barry Humphries Weimar Cabaret

Gemma Seren – The Miserables

Tomas Ford – Tomas Ford’s Craptacular

Adam Redmore – Wonderman



Best Play - Not The Horse

Mouse – The Persistence Of An Unlikely Thought

The Master And Margaritta


The Country Wife

Counting Sheep



Best Actor in a Play - Daniel Kitson – Mouse – The Persistence Of An Unlikely Thought  

Jonny Wiles – The Master And Margaritta

Isaac Jordan – The Country Wife

Pierro Niel Mee – Travesty

Andrew Paul – Dark Tales

Drew Gowland - Confessional



Best Actress in a Play - Iona Purvis – The Master And Margaritta

Lydia Larson – Travesty

Olivia Gillman – The Country Wife

Carrie Marx – Dark Tales

Hannah McPake - Wonderman



Best Supporting Performance (Shared)

Daniel Carmichael – Not The Hors

Spencer Osborne – The Miserables

Will Hearle – Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair

Georgia Figgis – The Master And Margaritta

Joe Pieri – The Country Wife

Sean Ward – Dark Tales



Best Director - Amy Leach - Wonderman

Helena Jackson – The Master And Margaritta

Mike Dickenson – Not The Horse

Will Dalrymple – The Country Wife

Dan Clarkson – Dark Tales

Michael Kirkland - Confessional




Best Song - All Of Me - Ada/Ava

I Dreamed A Dream – The Miserables

6 Inches Of Face – Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair

Mousie – Barry Humphries Weimar Cabaret

Werewolf Song – Kill The Beast

This Is Honkstep – Orkestra Del Sol

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head – Tomas Ford’s Craptacular

Jamaica – Wonderman

Sly Boots – Melbourne Ska Orchestra



Best Comedy Performance (Shared)

Joe McArdle – Apocalpyse Cruise Ship Love Affair

Colin Hoult – Anna Mann – A Sketch Show For Depressives

Tom Neenan – Vaudeville

Chris Turner – Observational Tragedy

Elliott Wright – The Country Wife

Adrian Gray – Adrian Gray’s The 007 Conspiracy: James Bond’s Terrifying Truth Exposed

Warren Kettle – Not The Horse

Naz Osmanoglu - Exposure

Briony Redman – The Secret Show



Best Venue - Gilded Balloon 

The Tron


Underbelly Potterow

The Mash House



Special Award - The Lemon Bucket Orkestra – Counting Sheep 

Isy Sutie – Mouse- The Persistence Of An Unlikely Thought

Australian Chamber Orchestra – Barry Humphries Weimar Cabaret

Mark Bittlestone – Babushka/ The Country Wife

Theo McCabe & Steve Duffy – Music & Lyrics – Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair

Bob Slayer – Iraq Out Loud

Tom Ballard – Thom Tuck’s Tomfoolery

Puppeters – Ada/Ava



Strangest Show - Iraq Out Loud

In The Wine


Tomas Ford’s Craptacular



Best Moment - Iraq Out Loud – “You Mean We Have To Read It”

Tink/Tank – Pram On Waves

Ada/Ava – Mirrors

Robin Morgan – Free Man – Bright Eyes – The 1st Day Of My Life

Sticks Stones Broken Bones – Human Kung Fu Fighting

Tyrannassauras Sketch – Chair Dancer/ Contortionist

Briony Redman -Farce Detective Story -Legs As Air Steward -I’m Red/Green Colour Blind -Meeting Her Mother In The Pub

Daniels Nils Roberts – Erotic Novelist

Delayed meal at The Tron meant missing Twonkeys

Adrian Gray – Conspiracy Play

Not The Horse – Silky – 3 Accents

Chris Turner Observational Tragedy – Raps

The Country Wife -Muslims -Waxing

Tom Neenan – Vaudeville – The Ending

The Gin Chronicles – Free Gin And Tonic

Tomas Ford’s Craptacular – Going Outside

Naz Osmanaglu – Wank Bubble

Counting Sheep – Food

Babushka – Flyering

James Meehan – Crazy, Crazy Nights

Mouse – The Persistence Of An Unlikely Thought – Talking to The Audience

Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair – Communicating With Mandy

Master And Margaritta – Singing

Ed Gamble – Cauliflower Pizza

Barry Humphries Weimar Cabaret “ Empty Seats – They Died”.

Colin Hoult – Anna Mann – A Sketch Show For Depressives – Alien The Musical

The Miserables – Radiator Wars

Rob Newman – The Brain Show – Paul McCartney In An Emergency Situation



 Best Show - Ada/Ava 

Mouse: The Persistance Of An Unlikely Thought

Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair

Colin Hoult – Anna Man – A Sketch Show For Depressives

Briony Redman – Secret Show

Barry Humphries Weimar Cabaret



Iraq Out Loud

In The Wine

Rob Auton – The Sleep Show

Melbourne Ska Orkestra

Counting Sheep

Orkestra Del Sol

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