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2011 DarkChat Awards


Can it really be 5 years of DarkChat and DarkChat Awards?


Rhetorical question, of course it is and for the 1st time in it's history, the prestigious DarkChat Awards ceremony was held in Poole, including a delicious Chinese take-away with 2 , yes 2 bars of chocolate for pudding.


So, with no further ado let's hand out those coveted DarkChat awards to the winners and commiserate with the losers.


The big winners of the night were the National Theatre Of Wales production of " The Dark Philosophers" at the Traverse Theatre with 3 awards, the full list of winners is as follows:-


Best Event - The Dark Philosophers


Best Play - The Dark Philosophers


Best Actor - Martin McCreadie - A Clockwork Orange


Best Actress - Keira Malik - Rose


Best Supporting Performance - Violet Ryder - Lullabies of Broadmoor


Best Director - Paul Hunter - The Dark Philosophers


Best Music - Jamie Blake


Best Comedy - Wit-Tank


Best Comedy Performance - Humphrey Ker - Dymock Watson:Nazi Smasher!


Best Free Show - Marc Burrows - The 90s In Half An Hour


Best Musical - Ten Plagues


Best Performance In A Musical/ Dance - Marc Almond - Ten Plagues


Best Song - Coming ( Chicago) - Late Night Gimp Fight  


Best Entertainment - 101


Best Venue - Pleasance Courtyard  


Best Moment - Japanese Geisha - The Great Big Sketch Off


Special Award - John Otway - Carl Sagan Is My God ...


Audience Award (for most votes) - David Reed -Shamblehouse


Lifetime Achievement award - JOHN OTWAY

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