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DarkChat - Reviewing the Edinburgh Fringe since 2008


DARKCHATTERS Phil and Legs first came across "The Ginge,

The Geordie and The Geek" in 2009 and were impressed

with what they saw.  As a result we have followed them every

year, culminating in the trio receiving nominations for Best

Comedy Show in 2009 and 2010. We shall be seeing them

again in August and we caught up with them during rehearsals

to find out what fun and mayhem they are preparing for this

year's show.


2012 Interviews

A selection of some of our favourite interviews from our archives.



We first came across Les Enfants Terrible in 2008, and they went

onto win our 'Best Entertainment' award that year


They triumphed again the following year with 2 awards for their

darker piece " Ernest and The Pale Moon", Best Actor  

and Best Director.


Their 2010 event " The Vaudevillains" was a grand piece of theatre

taking over the Pleasance Dome for a day with Sue Appleby

triumphing as Best Supporting Performance in a Musical.


This year they are back with a new show and Oli Lansley kindly took time

out of his busy schedule to tell us about this years show.


Occasionally the Edinburgh Fringe throws up an unexpected surprise, a young upstart performer that takes the Fringe by storm moving onto great things or a show you think you won't like that you end up loving.  It's not often that the unexpected surprise takes the form of a (then) 85 year old entertainment legend.



In 2009  DARKCHATTERs David & Katerina went to see "Nicholas Parsons

Happy Hour" and duly provided it with nominations for Best Entertaiment and

 Special Awards for "Jo Caulfield" and "Daniel Sloss". Sadly, they lost

but the host deservedly became the first recipient of our

Lifetime Achievement award.



Despite a busy schedule the legend that is Nicholas Parsons gave us this interview:


Last year DARKCHATTER Anne had a hunch to see Mary Bourke

and after charging from one end of Edinburgh to another to see her,

we were not disappointed.  She duly received 3 DARKCHAT  

nominations for Best Comedy/ Best Comedy Performance and

Best Free Show.


This year she is moving from the Free Fringe to The Stand and she

honoured us with her no nonsense (and frankly potty-mouthed)

comments. I probably should advise you to read this after  9pm and

with no-one under the age of 16 in the room or possibly the house!


People increasingly believe Edinburgh is a comedy festival. DARKCHAT

always try to see as many different styles of show that the Fringe offers

and last year Martin McCreadie deservedly won the award for Best Actor

for his mesmerising performance as Alex DeLarge in "Action To The

Word"s production of " A Clockwork Orange".


We caught up with him during rehearsals as he prepares to

re-create the role at the Pleasance Courtyard.


Click here for the full interview

DARKCHATTER Dave caught up with 'that one off the comedy programme on the telly' Dan MItchell in person for a beard-off, a fair

bit of alcohol and a chat about his new show

'Free Egg' which he's taking to the Fringe for the

first time as a solo perormer.


Last year DARKCHAT David thoroughly enjoyed

the triple nominated "StripSearch"


We spoke to Peter Scott-Presland to discover

 what Homos Promos will bring to the Scottish

capital this year and to Damola Onadeko about

reprising his role from last year's show.


In the process we discovered

how much the Scotish gay scene has changed

in almost 40 years!


DARKCHATTERs Rick, Chris & David saw the fantastic Late Night Gimp Fight last year after which they received a nomination for Best Comedy, and won the DARKCHAT award for Best Song "Coming" (Chicago).


The boys are back again this year and David from the group kindly granted us an interview to explain their past and how to survive a month at Edinburgh using only alcohol, 3 different meals and cheese strings!


In 2010 DARKCHATTERS Phil & Legs saw Tread The Boards production of " The Importance Of Being Earnest". They so enjoyed their version of Oscar Wilde's classic that it won 2 awards including Best Play.


Artistic Director John-Robert Partridge told us about the two shows they will be doing in Edinburgh this year:


In 2008 DarkChat's Fringe started badly, we were on a Comedy Bus that unfortunately was missing a decent bus and some decent comedy.  Ashley Frieze came on board and changed all that with his guitar and traffic perfect timing.


He let us know how his preparations for this year's new show 'Discografitti' were going.

2009 was the year DARKCHAT first became aware of the multi-talented Alexis Dubus.  Whilst DARKCHATTERS Phil and Legs chose the rude sounding "Alexis Dubus - A R*ddy Brief History of Swearing" (nominated for Best Comedy)  Anne, Katerina and Dave selected " Marcel Lucont - Sexual Metro", without realising they were the same person (reviews can be found in our 2009 review pages).


We found out what both have planned for 2012.

We first saw Four Sad Faces back in 2009, this year they have dropped the Four (although we think there might still be 4 of them and gained a new member.


We found out what other surprises they have in store for their audience for 2012.

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