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DarkChat - Reviewing the Edinburgh Fringe since 2008


Post 2013 Interviews

We've asked a few of our favourites (old and new) how the Fringe experience was for them, how it compared with previous years and their thoughts about the future of the Fringe.



Rosie Wilby is a comedian, writer, musician and broadcaster and for her 2013 Edinburgh show she chose to explore our attitudes to sex and relationships with her show "Is Monogamy Dead?"


She's our only interviewee we've yet to see, but she'll be on the spreadsheet for 2014.

Caroline Brockbank organises Ceilidhkids a fun (and free) way to entertain and keep kids fit, we took DarkChat's youngest members along this August leading to nominations for Best Free Show and Best Childrens show.


We caught up with Edinburgh native Caroline as she shared her experiences of the 2013 Fringe.

Secondly, we have Frode from  Superbolt Theatre.


He contacted us and invited us to see “The Uncanny Valley”. We're glad he did, we loved it and it has been nominated for Best Play and Best Actress.



Firstly, we spoke to Ben Hales from Splendid Theatre.


Ben was the writer of multi DARKCHAT nominated “Adam & Eve – The Musical”.


One of the biggest hits at this year's festival was "Knightmare Live!!" a joyous opportunity for people of a certain age to relive their youth. This so excited DARKCHAT that this was one of only 2 shows that 2 different sets of reviewers went to see.


We were therefore thrilled to gain an interview with Paul Trennary (Treguard) from the show as they prepare to take their Fringe hit to London's Bloomsbury Theatre.

An Edinburgh festival wouldn’t be the same without a new impressive show from Richard Herring.   This year it was "We're All Going to Die" which we've duly shortlisted for a DarkChat award.


We were therefore thrilled that the current (uncrowned) King of the festival deigned to share his thoughts with the lesser mortals of DARKCHAT.

DARKCHATTERS Phil & David formed their own Amateur Dramatics group this year (Wilcox Productions). It was therefore a no-brainer to go & see “The Play That Goes Wrong”. We are soooooooo glad we did, though of course none of the antics that occurred would possibly have taken place in “A Royal Flush”.


We were therefore delighted when mirth merchant ( & Mischief Theatre’s Press Advisor) Dave Hearn gave us this interview:

For a couple of years DARKCHAT founder members Carl & Kate were absent having children. Now their twins are 4 they are keen theatre goers ( 2013 was their 2nd festival) & suddenly Children’s Shows are high on our priority of shows to see.


One of their favourites this year was “Father Christmas Needs A Wee” & we were grateful to receive this interview from TaleGate theatre.

Last year we were enthralled when Rob Auton made an unscheduled appearance in a free show with Marc Burrows. This year we rushed to Banshee Labyrinth to see his full length show “The Sky Show”.


Sadly, our hopes of him being our own special secret were dashed when he received the Dave award for Best Joke Of The Edinburgh festival. But, he managed to stop eating chocolate to grant us this interview:


On Saturday the 7th DARKCHAT awards took place. We are pleased to announce that Charlie Baker's show "Bakers Dozen" received 5 nominations (check  our awards pages for info.)


Charlie was delighted and rightly so, walking off with the DarkChat Award fior Best Song, and was happy to complete a post-Edinburgh interview for us.

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