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DarkChat - Reviewing the Edinburgh Fringe since 2008


DarkChat Awards

At the end of every festival we get together in a night of celebration and drunken frivolity to remember that year's Fringe, the highs, the lows and the everything in between.


Prior to the awards night DarkChat Dave takes everyone's votes for a variety of awards and these are announced on the night.


We've had great nights, great memories and apologies for lack of attendance from Nicholas Parsons.  Maybe next year Nicholas, maybe next year.


This year's nominations can be found here and for a rundown of previous awards take a look at the links below or use the main menu.


2009 Awards

2010 Awards

2011 Awards

2012 Awards

2013 Awards

2014 Awards

2015 Awards

2016 Awards

2017 Awards

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