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TRAMSHED CARDIFF - 10th July 2019




This reviewer seems to currently spend every spare moment ploughing through this year’s Edinburgh Festival fringe brochure

in an attempt to put together this year’s spreadsheet. I have already reached the conclusion ( as I do every year) that I could

literally watch shows 24 hours a day for and still not see everything I want to see. So, I was thrilled to see Tramshed in Cardiff

were hosting some preview shows, tonight featuring Ignacio Lopez who I missed on several previous occasions.


Ignacio, it will astonish you to discover is Spanish, though now resident in Wales and his show is mainly concerned with the

difference between the two cultures. And yes, there are plenty.  Guess what, comparing life in an Iberian country with residing

in Newport, he actually prefers the former!


Currently, any debate about Europe (and what else is there to discuss at the moment) is very divisive and extremely serious. It is therefore a refreshing change that these matters were hilarious, especially hearing the European viewpoint on the alleged British “politeness”. The only lull in proceedings came when he tackled Brexit head on, which split the room and slightly deflated the atmosphere. However, this was only a minor setback and we were soon laughing our heads, after all who can resist a Bonnie Tyler story?  I know we couldn’t.


This was billed as a preview show but Ignacio was slick, confident and rarely needed to refer to any external assistance. So, anyone wanting a good laugh (frankly, who doesn’t at the moment), head to see Ignacio either in further previews or at Edinburgh, see below:


Thu 18 Jul 2019 Darius Davies, TanyaLee Davis, Ignacio Lopez Venue: Cirencester Kings Head Hotel

Price: £10 Info: Funhouse Comedy Club. Plus: Jeremy Flynn, Carrieanne The Redneck Show starts: 20:00 (Doors open approx 30 mins earlier)


Sat 27 Jul 2019 Christian Schulte-Loh, Eddy Brimson, Ignacio Lopez, Matt Richardson

Venue: Fest Camden Price: From £10 to £15




Ignacio Lopez is at Venue 88 - Just the Tonic at The Caves - Just the Big Room from August 1st-11th

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