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Stuart Goldsmith - End Of

 Cardiff - 26th July 2018

Historically shows at the Edinburgh Fringe festival are renowned for starting late. It was therefore

quite apt that a communication breakdown led to Stuart literally sprinting onto stage half an hour late

having been mistakenly told that the show would start at 9.00pm and not the scheduled 7.30pm.  It is a

sign of the personality and material of this experienced performer that he quickly got the audience onto

his side.


Before tonight’s performance we'd had 2 previous encounters with Mr G. A few years ago we rather

enjoyed a comedy competition show “Show Me The Funny” where a variety of new and established

comedians competed for various career enhancing rewards. It was a niche concept and never

returned for a 2nd series, though we enjoyed Stuart’s involvement (amongst others).


The only time I had seen him on stage was a few years ago in Edinburgh where he interviewed a

different comedian every night on stage. On the day we went he interrogated the wondrous Tony Law

about his idiosyncratic style. It wasn’t frothy like most current interviewers, he kept delving and

delving and at one point getting Mr Law quite emotional about him struggling to create a better life for

his family. In the course of an hour he made us laugh, cry and understand more about the life of a comedian (and this continues to this day through the excellent series of "The Comedian's Comedian" Podcasts).


Tonight, though this was all about previewing his latest Edinburgh show “End Of”.  Having covered impending parenthood and its aftermath we are now dealing with tiredness, money, aging and a variety of inter-connected issues.


Again, you get a view of man who happens to be a stand-up comedian dealing with everyday issues for comic effect. With a week to go before the festival starts most comedians are currently carrying notes or have buzzwords written all over themselves. All Stuart has (apart from very bizarre hair) is a device recording the show to which (whom?) he talks to about the show and particular jokes work, or don’t.


But apart from the occasional “what comes next moment” this show is virtually good to go. Time will make it slicker and probably funnier but this is already a highly entertaining hour of top quality comedy. He may wish he was playing larger venues but from an audience’s point of view there is nothing better than being up close to a performer holding a microphone in complete control of his material and environment.


So, if you are going to the Scottish capital next month put “Stuart Goldsmith:End Of “ on your “must see“ list. And best of all he is free (though feel free to give generously in his bucket on the way out).  Go and you won’t be disappointed and best of all you'll get to see a great theatrical ending.




Stuart Goldmsith:End Of is playing at the Liquid Room Annexe/Warehouse from 4th to 26th August (not 16th)


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