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Fringe preparations - Matt Price

"Last Night A Weegie Saved My Life" is very personal. For people who don't know who Matt Price is what should they know about you beforehand?


I've been a comedian for about 15 years and one of the things I do is tell funny and personal stories at the Edinburgh Festival when I do a solo show. I adapt to whatever audience I'm in front of, so I can host or do a club set too.

We loved the fact that you avoided the microphone and spoke directly to the audience. Was that an easy decision to make? To be honest, I didn't know until I started doing it. It felt like the right thing to do on that particular occasion and I think I made the right decision.



This is a very personal show. Did you always know what you wanted to include?


This year is the most personal story I've shared with an audience. I wanted to tell it in a way that would be funny first and foremost. I do care about the audience and how they feel and there are parts of the story that are perhaps difficult to listen to, but I'm hoping that the show and the story is done with good humour and respect.



Why did you decide to bring it to this year’s festival?

It's the right time for me tell this story. I'm over it and the impact that it had, so I' not upset in any way when tell it which I think makes it better for the audience too.



Is it easy for you wind down after the show?


I'm usually tired afterwards and it all depends on how far I have to travel home as to how I wind down. In Edinburgh I can walk to where I'm staying which is a luxury.



Do you find performing the show cathartic?


I enjoy making the audience laugh and with this show, the catharsis actually comes from telling the whole story well. It's particularly satisfying when the audience laugh at the end of it all.



Last year I rather enjoyed Lewis Schaffer's "Unopened Letters To My Mother" and even Stuart Goldsmith has a rant in his show when he wondered if he should continue as a stand-up. Do you think there is a reason why "issue" shows are becoming more common?


I think they've always existed. I've just followed my instinct and told a story I care about every year. I don't really follow trends, but it's nice to be doing something that's getting popular.



Are you looking forward to performing this show throughout August?    


Very much so. I'm interested to see what everyone thinks of it. I want people to enjoy it and tell other people about it.



Your show starts at 7.00pm. How will you pace your day?


I'll have breakfast with the missus, go for a walk, do a guest spot and the day will fly in.



Compared to most of the acts at Edinburgh this year you can be described as a veteran. It is my 20th festival & I am getting very excited about the festival. Do you still get that same air of expectation?


It's always exciting being in Edinburgh. There's that possibility every year that as a performer, you might have THE show that people are talking about. But it's also great to perform every night for a month.



The festival is almost within touching distance now. Is it all excitement or is there an element of panic?


Both. It's 5am on August 1st and I'm wide awake and wondering what's going to happen. I have all sorts of possibilities going through my head.



Do you normally get to see many other shows?


Not usually. I do get to see a lot of people from the comedy circuit that I haven't seen in a while, which is great.



Is there anyone in particular you would like to see?


Martha McBrier (my missus), Larry Dean because he's a great comic and great friend, Yianni and Jinx Yeo.



Do you remember much about your 1st performance in Edinburgh?


It would been 2005. So not really.



What is your silliest Edinburgh festival memory?


A guy in the audience who told me that had a bandage on his finger because he had accidentally cut the end of his finger off. There was another guy who also had a bit of his finger missing. You had to be there!



What is your favourite Edinburgh memory?


Meeting the missus in 2005. There have been lots of fun stuff, but that does stand out.



Sum up the Edinburgh festival in 5 words?


The great annual comedian's lottery



What are your top tips for surviving the Edinburgh festival?


As a performer, eat well. Sleep well.

Try not to worry about what others are doing.

Try and enjoy it.

Remind yourself that this is what you've chosen to do.



What are you most looking forward to about this this year's festival?


I've set myself some goals and I want to see if they happen or not. I'm looking forward to doing a show that people really enjoy and then sleeping for a week afterwards!





Matt Price will be perfrmoing Last NIght a Weegie Saved My Life at  

Gilded Balloon Teviot from 3rd-26th August (not 13th).

One of the things that keeps me coming back to the Edinburgh Fringe year on year (this year will be my 20th festival) is the sheer variety and quality of the shows on offer. This was proved (once again) by the 3 Edinburgh previews I saw at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff last week-end. Stuart Goldsmith – End Of was an impressive fun hour, Matt Forde showed his political satire skills and Matt Price mesmerised us with an hour of intimate stories.


Matt Price kindly donated his time to answer the following questions as he readied himself for this year where he will be performing 'Last Night A Weegie Saved My Life".


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