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Tilda Swinton Answers an Ad on Craigslist

We loved this show but when I tried to describe to someone who didn't know who Tilda Swinton it struggled to make sense. So,

I probably need to stress that if you don't know who she is the show probably won't make a lot of sense. But, if you are aware

of this iconic actress and some of her films you are in for a treat.


Tom Lenk dominates proceedings, firstly with a stunning outfit and appearance then with what is almost a character

assassination of self-obsessed actress with delusions of grandeur. (I do so hope this is based on the worst excesses of actors

and actresses rather than based on the Oscar winning actress herself).


She appears mysteriously and miraculously to try and aid Walt a lost American about to end his life as a result of a failed

relationship. Sounds heavy? Oh, no, this is a riot from beginning to end extremely well- acted by all concerned, this is a cast of

4, 2 of whom play a variety of characters, though it is Tom Lenk who steals the show in Byron Lane's play.


The last time we saw a show at this venue (Piccolo at Assembly George Square Gardens) we were bowled away with "How

To Win at History" (in its 2nd year at the festival). As "Tilda" was a hit at the 2018 festival this is truly a case of history repeating.


Go, but only if you are in the mood to laugh from beginning to end!





Tilda Swinton Answers an Ad on Craigslist is at Assembly George Square Gardens until August 25th (not 8th)

Assembly George Square Gardens (Venue 3) 21.00


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