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Shiva Tandava


On Thursday, DarkChat dashed to the atmospheric Greyfriars Kirk to see traditional Indian dancing. Once again we were

reminded that the Edinburgh Fringe Festival has global renown and draws in performers from all parts of the world.


The choreography and costumes were beautiful and the teenagers' dancing was charming, their smiles more than amply

compensating for the occasional missed step. They were clearly enjoying the experience as much as the audience. Although

the dances were traditional, the choice of music was a real delight, we certainly did not expect to hear a version of an Ed

Sheeran song in the mix. The show lasted just half an hour and we would have been happy to have stayed longer.


Unfortunately DarkChat cannot urge you to go along to see them, as this was their final performance. We hope La Martiniere

Girls' Theatre Club will return one day to enable other girls to have the unique experience of appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe

and to charm future Festival goers.






Shiva Tandava was at Greyfriars Kirk until August 8th

Greyfriars Kirk (Venue 131)


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