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DarkChatter Phil should have arrived in Edinburgh about 8.00am this morning. Due to delays in his flight from Cardiff he arrived

about 90 minutes late but still managed to rush to his 1st show in the plush surroundings of the Hilton Hotel.


We are big fans of Gothic horror and have seen various productions of Mary Shelley's classic including Danny Boyle's grand production

at the National Theatre featuring the combination of Johnny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch.


It was therefore re-assuring that Blue Orange Arts took a different approach, looking at the piece from the monster's perspective. This

is a handy way of cutting the text into a manageable 50 minutes which if you know the story is when all the action starts. This is a

traditional production featuring stunning acting from the entire cast, 2 of whom play a variety of roles, including James Nicholas (who

currently is the only name I can currently discover!)


Excellent acting, staging and direction ensures the piece really moves along. And thanks to the Space On North Bridge venue we

had lovely comfortable seats, which at the beginning of a long day is a real bonus.


Recommended but you only have until Saturday to catch it so be quick!





Frankenstein is at theSpace on North Bridge until August 10th

theSpace on North Bridge (Venue 209) 10.50


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