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Below The Blanket

DarkChat always likes to finish a week of frantic Fringe Festival-going with something a little bit special. 2019 is no exception.

On Friday, after dodging torrential downpours with varying degrees of success, we headed to the Royal Botanic Garden for Below

the Blanket by Cryptic, a Glasgow-based group of artists.


Below the Blanket comprises a series of art installations, inspired by the Flow Country, which we now know is a vast peat bog in

Caithness and Sutherland. The installations are arranged throughout this beautiful garden, which looked particularly magical in the

late evening sun. We seemed to have the place virtually to ourselves, probably due to the dramatic weather earlier in the day.

Luckily for us, DarkChat’s Metrological Department kept us constantly updated and by mid-afternoon was able to confirm that the

event would be proceeding (thank you DarkChat Carl).


As the show runs until 25th August, I will not spoil the element of surprise by giving too much away but we were enchanted by the

sights and, particularly, the sounds we experienced as we walked around.


The event has a serious message, to raise awareness of the Flow Country’s unique habitat, the importance of the conservation of the peat bog and its significant role in ‘locking in’ carbon which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.


A truly ingenious way of highlighting the importance of safeguarding our natural environment and a memorable end to our week at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019.


Highly Recommended




Below The Blanket is at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh until August 25th (not 20th)

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh - East Gate (Venue 522)


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