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TRAMSHED CARDIFF - 10th July 2019



“What a Man, What a Man, What a Man, What a Mighty Good Man (Say It Again Now).



This reviewer seems to currently spend every spare moment ploughing through this year’s Edinburgh Festival

fringe brochure in an attempt to put together this year’s spreadsheet. I have already reached the conclusion

(as I do every year) that I could literally watch shows 24 hours a day for and still not see everything I want to

see. So, I was thrilled to see Tramshed in Cardiff were hosting some preview shows, tonight featuring 2

performers I wanted to see Robin Morgan and Ignacio Lopez.


I have seen Robin Morgan a couple of times before, both as host of a comedy night and with his own show at

a previous Edinburgh festival and have always been impressed by his easy-going and likeable personality. I

also feel I have seen him grow-up a little with his first show concentrating on his proposal mishaps, last year’s

show was based on his honeymoon and now we are up to date with his issue of dealing with parenthood.



What was more surprising and a bold move was to tackle wider issues of what being a man today entails and what values he should teach his son in these rapidly changing days. Oh, heavy stuff you may think but Robin ensures this delicate subject is dealt with sensitively and is always funny. Fortunately his rapport with the audience and relaxed persona ensures that everyone is fully involved and no-one feels uncomfortable.



Having just written the above it is easy to forget this is actually a preview show. Apart from the 2 recording devices (in case 1 fails) and the occasional referral to notes or commenting on jokes which may ( or may not) survive into August you wouldn't know this was a "work in progress".


I was also impressed how well the Tramshed worked as a comedy venue, having previously attended to see a film. It was great to see the venue was packed, undoubtedly assisted by an attractive ticket price but also giving us the chance to see 2 top comedians on great form.


If you fancy seeing Robin Morgan in further previews or in Edinburgh you will have a great time as this show will no doubt get even  better with practice.


Upcoming dates


• Jul 18, 2019  Edinburgh Preview, The Comedy Box, Bristol Jul 18, 2019

• Jul 20, 2019  Supper Club, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Jul 20, 2019

• Jul 21, 2019  Angel Comedy Club Jul 21, 2019

• Jul 21, 2019  Edinburgh Preview, The Harrison, King's Cross Jul 21, 2019

• Jul 22, 2019  Edinburgh Preview, Smoke & Mirrors, Bristol Jul 22, 2019

• Jul 23, 2019  Edinburgh Preview, Cranleigh Arts Centre Jul 23, 2019

• Jul 24, 2019  Edinburgh Preview, Cockfosters  Jul 24, 2019

• Jul 25, 2019  Edinburgh Preview, The Perch, Swansea Jul 25, 2019





Robin Morgan: What A Man, What A Man, What A Man, What A Mighty Good Man (Say It Again Now)

is at the Laughing Horse @PearTree from Aug 1, 2019 – Aug 25, 2019

Details here






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