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Reviewing the Edinburgh Fringe since 2008

DarkChat Awards 2023

Most people think the Edinburgh festival was over in August. Wrong!

On Saturday 30th September the 15th Annual DARKCHAT Awards took place honouring our favourite shows from this year's festival.  After the Scottish Supper of Haggis Shepherds Pie and Scottish Ice Cream with raspberries, shortbread and tablet were demolished it was time to concentrate on the 2023 DARKCHAT awards

36 shows were battling in 16 categories with a total of 137 nominations. Police Cops: The Musical were the big winners on the night with four wins in total, including the coveted Best Show award.

You can check out all of the winners and a full list of nominees here.

Now it really is over.  Roll on August 2024!

And just like that we are done

Can it possibly be that the Edinburgh Fringe 2023 is over?  Surely winter has just left us and the sun was only out for a few days?

Yet, there we are, it's already September and it's time to look forward to next year's Festival. 

We arrived early this year to catch a few festival previews, and having crammed almost 50 shows into 10 days we are all headed back south of the border  So our reviews are now online, you can read those on our shows page.

We warmed up for this year's festival by speaking to Paul Connell, who is taking his show 'Ace in the Whole' to Boteco do Brasil, to Richard Lambert of LAMBCO Productions about taking four (yes four) shows to this year's Fringe and to Paul Beeson, writer of Never Trouble Trouble (unless Trouble Troubles You)..

Before we arrived we prepared by getting out to a few previews

and also lining up a few interviews. Our first preview of the year

was Stammermouth's "Choo Choo! (Or... Have You Ever Thought

About ****** **** *****? (Cos I Have))" at Cardiff's Sherman Theatre.


We also spoke to the wonderful Robin Ince about his

history with the Fringe going back to 1987, his status as and

Edinburgh Fringe veteran and what we can expect from the two

shows he is bringing this year.

                   Image by Neil Davies 


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