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DarkChat - Reviewing the Edinburgh Fringe since 2008



What has surprised you most during your preview shows?


Well as ever previews are always up and down, but for the most part we really enjoyed out previews this year. Lots of fun and that was a suprise, sometimes they are terrifying...



Are you hoping for/ dreading this heatwave to continue through the Edinburgh festival?


Yes WitTank LOVE shorts!



When was your 1st Edinburgh festival?


Mark and Naz came in 2003 for an adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde which involved wearing tights...


Wittanks first fringe outing was 2006 in what used to be the Roxy Arthouse.




Why did you come?


It's a compulsion now after 8 years.  We're properly institutionalised...



What did you expect?


First time: we had no idea what to expect. This time: rain, late nights and we still have no idea what to expect.




How did the reality differ from your expectations?


Its a bit of a swarm and it flies past.  We tend to forget whats going on anywhere else or what day it is or what time we should be where... That madness was not expected.




What is the best thing about the festival?


The audiences.




What is the worst thing about the festival?






What has changed over the years?


A/ For the better  

The Free fringe is booming, and we greatly support that!


B/ For the worst

Our diet during the fringe never improves...




Roughly how many shows do you see each festival?


Between us about 40




What was your favourite Edinburgh show to watch?


I loved 'Sheeps'!




Who is your favourite overall performer (s)?


Russell Kane and the Pajama Men.




Where are your favourite places to eat and drink?


Mussell and Steak!!




What are you most looking forward to in Edinburgh this year?


Really looking forward to performing the show - were very excited about this one and we cant wait to start the run.



WitTank presents The School is at The Pleasance Courtyard until 25th August at 18:20

Check here for more information

Well Schooled?

After 8 years of appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe you'd think WitTank would know what to expect.

Naz from the group tells us that they don't, and that they still like the idea of wearing shorts during a Scottish 'summer'.

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