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Tim FitzHigham and Thom Tuck in Macbeth

Heroes at Black Medicine (Venue 355)



There is definitely a sense of deja vu about this opening sentence which I have written for the 3rd time on 3 days (see the

reviews for Tom Parry and Naz Osmanoglu). We have been big fans of Thom Tuck, going back to 2008 when we first saw

him as part of the wonderful Penny Dreadfuls group.


Sadly, (apart from "Foil, Arms & Hog") there appears to be a time-limit for the life of sketch groups (we really miss the Pennys,

WitTank, Idiots Of Ants, Pappys etc). All too soon they generally embark upon solo careers and we have thoroughly enjoyed

Thom's efforts over the years, ranging from Disney films going straight to DVD, a show only featuring "Tom/ Thom's" and a

remarkable performance as "Scaramouche Jones".  This year he is back in Macbeth with Tim FitzHigham. I was not particularly

aware of the latter's work, though I believe I saw and liked one of his performances in a "Best Of The Fest" late-night shows.


Billed as "Two performers, a World-Class script and Not Enough Time" it does what it says on the tin. A different director each

day attempts to coax these two gentlemen into performing "The Scottish Play". Today we were honoured to have 2 time Best

Comedy nominee Ahir Shah in charge (?), thought it soon becomes clear he hasn't realised the extent of the challenge before him.


Although this is billed as a comedy it is impressive that not only have they both learnt a lot of the script but they can actually act. Generally, though they are content to mess around, especially when their director asks for a Bollywood feel and that Banquo has a lisp. I am forever in awe of the different expressions Mr T can get from his eyes and he makes a surprisingly seductive Lady Macbeth in a dress.


Often great ideas fail to survive in the real world but I loved it from begin to end. It was silly, it was spontaneous, it was three people who knew each other well having a party in a small, hot and packed venue but they invited us to join in the fun and I was thrilled to be there. I suspect they would get to the same part in the script every day (Act 1 Scene 3) so it might have been interesting if they started the next show from where they had finished previously.


One of the joys of the Edinburgh festival is that there can be several versions of the same play. If so inclined there are 3 other Macbeths to see this year. Technically, this is an all male production, in contrast to the all female one put on by Tread The Boards, with Raiser Theatre putting on one relating to our divided times while Choin Theatre use one actor to perform it from a Korean perspective.


Sadly, this show has ended but Thom's scene-stealing eyes with remain with me for a while yet. Great stuff!





Tim FitzHigham and Thom Tuck in Macbeth is at Heroes at Black Medicine until August 11th

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