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The Mystery of the Wee Pirate's Curse

theSpace on North Bridge ⭐️⭐️⭐️

August 8, 2022 at 5:30:00 PM

A hot forty five minute walk from Tynecastle allowed us to recover our composure after the drama of A War Of Two Halves.

In complete contrast we now entered the more luxurious surroundings of Space at The Hilton and back to the 1950's where Lady Iris Bungle is visiting her Aunt at her recently inherited a castle. Amongst the variety of somewhat over the top characters, which also allows for some over the top acting, we learn that Iris is a female mystery solver which was quite a bit of luck in view of what was about to occur.

The Chantecleer Players certainly gave it their all (which is mild compared to the multitude of double entendres in the script). Our group included two 13 year olds and interestingly most of the riskier references flew right over their heads. This is though by and large gentle old fashioned harmless fun, not that there's anything wrong with that and shows like this are quite unusual nowadays.

Oddly and rather unexpectedly one of the highlights was a lively and impressive tap dance number. Even odder was the fact that this was the second of four as shows we saw this festival mentioning Hamlet, ranging from Ian McKellen to Waiting For Hamlet, through Arthur Smith and the Wee Pirate's Curse; and trust me that is not a sentence I ever get expected to write!

The Mystery of the Wee Pirate's Curse
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