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A War of Two Halves

Tynecastle Park ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

August 8, 2022 at 2:00:00 PM

Being an old fashioned guy I prefer to pick my shows from the Edinburgh fringe brochure. Having read it all, a mighty task nowadays I was disappointed about the lack of site specific shows. However, Darkchatter Carl spotted a late addition to the programme online. Our two junior Darkchatters regularly pester Carl about visiting a 'big' football ground as they follow a non-league side at home so a show set at Tynecastle was to the perfect choice for us all.

A Game of Two Halves follows the story of the 1914 Heart of Midlothian football team - told through the eyes of retired footballer (and soldier) Alfie - and their attempt to win the Scottish League despite the impending First World War and the pressures that brings on players and management alike. What follows is one of the most heart breaking and emotional shows I have ever witnessed in Edinburgh; and this is my 21st festival.

The story itself is both astounding and appalling especially when you realise why the team enlisted but it is to the credit of the writer and cast, all universally exceptional that the message hits home. The setting was superb, a tour of the ground, the pitch and the dressing room with barbed wire around Tynecastle providing a perfect backdrop for the trenches scenes.

The play ends in the perfect setting to allow you to collect your thoughts, cry a little more and try to pull yourself together before facing the real world. Sadly, the world is no calmer a hundred plus years on.

This show is exactly what the festival is for. Please go, even if you have no interest in football only in humanity.

A War of Two Halves
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