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The Super Sad and Really Tragical Story of Analeise

How to finish our 1st full day of the festival that has previously featured such diverse shows as "Along" , "Joe Bor - The Story Of

Walter and Herbert", "Tom Parry" and "Tilda Swinton Answers An Ad on Craigslist"?  Well, obviously one that advertises a 6 feet

2 inch octopus that is the reincarnation of Cary Grant!


For our DarkChat virgins, David and Thuranie, this was their 2nd show of their 1st festival, and having said that the dark days of

lowly attended shows were over, sadly we were proved wrong as there was only 1 other member of the audience. (Even odder is

the fact that I made my only ticketing error of the week and actually bought 6 tickets!)


Historically, this is the kind of show that can go very badly wrong but this was impressively acted and written by Canadian

actress Kyra Van Denenden. Upon entering the sparse set your eyes are immediately drawn to a bath containing a fantastic

red octopus costume. I had rather assumed this would be a one-woman piece and was both pleased and surprised that I was

proved wrong.  Analeise is a woman with no memory of her past and a strange accent but determined to make a good life for

herself. And what better role model could there be than Holly Golightly?


This is a beautiful story which deserves a bigger audience but suffers from a late time-slot (23.10), but if youmove quickly and go (it ends on Saturday) you will end your day on a high!






The Super Sad and Really Tragical Story of Analeise is at Greenside @Nicolson Square until August 10th

Greenside @Nicolson Square (Venue 209) 23.10


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