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Super Human

Every year I feel I should add more dance shows to our Spreadsheet and this year I actually achieved it. On Monday I

loved T S Crew's "Along" at C South and now I headed to Zoo Southside for Next Zone's "Superhuman".


In my previous dance show the Hong Kong dancers were very acrobatic, involving a lot of teamwork, dancing to fairly

familiar music. In contrast " Superhuman" features 6 very physical dancers who mainly performed as individuals to a

constant rhythmic soundtrack, which I rather enjoyed. I do not claim to understand modern dance but I can appreciate

great movement and muscularity and choreographer Lene Brel succeeded in fully exploring the body's physical and

mental capabilities.


After rushing around Edinburgh for 4 days it was surprisingly refreshing and calming to watch 6 young, strong, lithe performers push their sweaty torsos to their limits for 45 minutes. And yes, I did feel physically insecure at the end, but re-energised enough to charge around the Scottish capital once more.







Super Human is at ZOO Southside until August 17th (not 11th)

ZOO Southside (Venue 82)


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