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Rob Auton: The Time Show

Rob Auton's annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival show has been a fixture on the DARKCHAT spreadsheet for several years

now. The shows always have a theme - last year Rob was ready to "Talk" and this year it is about time.


The show and the performer are hard to classify. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival lists the show under the Comedy section,

classified as Spoken Word/Theatre. When bringing along the uninitiated, we explain that there will be poetry, jokes and

gentle audience participation. This isn't really an adequate preparation for the experience. There is no-one like Rob Auton.

He brings a sense of wonder about the world to his writing and performance which is always touching and memorable.

DarkChat will always make time for him.



Highly recommended.





Rob Auton: The Time Show is at Assembly George Square Studios until August 26th (not 13th)

Assembly George Square Studios (Venue 17) 14.50


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