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The National Trust Fan Club

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival can sometimes seem to consist mainly of student drama groups, comedians up from London and

bold European performance art. Mature female performers seem almost a minority group here, so it is pleasing to see that a

woman, old enough to remember the 60's, is able to fill a large lecture theatre with a one-woman show.


Helen Wood is an engaging performer with a simple quest - to visit all the National Trust properties in England and Wales. Her

enthusiasm for her subject is matched by her audience who participate enthusiastically - when invited, of course, as this is not a

show for the ill-mannered.


The show could perhaps be considered a little cosy and middle class but the original inspiration for the quest is touching and

Helen Wood's simple idea, I am sure, left many of the audience reflecting on the places mentioned in the show that have left us

with memories of visits with family and friends that we will always treasure.


Thank you Helen.






The National Trust Fan Club is at Gilded Ballon at The Museum until August 26th (alternating dates, check listing)

Gilded Balloon at The Museum (Venue 64) 


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