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DarkChat queued patiently to grab front row seats in the beautiful, mirrored tent outside the Assembly Rooms to see

Frances Barber in Musik, a solo cabaret-style musical by Jonathan Harvey with original songs by Pet Shop Boys. It was

worth the effort.


From her very first entrance as Billie Trix, sporting an eye patch she claims to have been wearing before Madonna stole

the idea, we knew we were in safe hands. The story of Billie Trix, artist, singer and songwriter, is told with tremendous

wit. The 60's legend is a shameless name dropper and the writer knows his audience, as the passing references to the

famous and infamous are never over-explained and the ridiculous anecdotes are consistently funny.


The songs are perfect pastiches and Frances Barber's rich husky voice is a delight, reminiscent of Marianne Faithfull.


Cabaret at its best.






Musik is at Assembly Rooms - Bikou until August 24th (not 12th)

Assembly Rooms - Bijou (Venue 20)


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