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Eddie Izzard:  Expectations of Great Expectations


Eddie Izzard likes to challenge himself - performing stand-up comedy in other languages and running consecutive

marathons are just a couple of examples that spring to mind. He is now reading the Dickens novel 'Great Expectations'

(aloud, I hasten to add) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This may not seem taxing but, as Eddie Izzard explains to the

audience, he is dyslexic and reading a lengthy book does not come easily to him, however, he proves himself more than

equal to the task.


Great Expectations is the perfect choice, as this performer is particularly well equipped to bring out the gentle humour in

the narrative and delivers the dialogue so expertly that even a brisk "no" at one point surprises the audience into laughter.

The performance runs to an hour and thirty minutes and has been skillfully abridged by the performer's brother. The show

is advertised as 'work in progress' - the final section of the story is recited from memory and possibly the intention is just

to use the book as a prompt but the occasional stumble over words did not detract from our enjoyment.


Eddie Izzard has a voice like honey and being read to is so relaxing that it was with some difficulty that after the tale had reached its bittersweet conclusion, we prised ourselves out of our seats and into the Edinburgh sunshine.







Eddie Izzard: Expectations of Great Expectations is at Assembly George Square Studios until August 25th (not Tuesdays)

Assembly George Square Studios (Venue 17)


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