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Charlie Vero-Martin: Scrapbook

DarkChat enjoyed this talented writer and performer's 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Show - The 24/7 Club - despite the fact that the

venue resembled a broom cupboard.


This year Charlie Vero-Martin has a new show, a new venue - in the delightful Old Tolbooth Market - and a new middle name. She

has an engaging personality and the audience are charmed from the outset. We meet a range of historic characters and find out

new and often surprising sides to their characters and achievements. There is gentle interaction with the audience, with some very

funny improvisation.


Not surprisingly perhaps, several performers that DarkChat has seen so far this year have alluded to the pivotal point in history we

seem to have reached. Charlie Vero-Martin is no exception. She is fascinated by history and particularly skilled at linking the past

to the present and the personal.


This is a life-affirming show for troubled times. Highly recommended.





Charlie Vero-Martin: Scrapbook is at Gilded Balloon at Old Tollbooth Market until August 25th (not 12th)

Gilded Balloon at Old Tollbooth Market (Venue 98) 12.45


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