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Cardboard Citizens: Bystanders



Cardboard Citizens is a group who work with homeless people to produce theatre, and all of the cast: Jake Goode, Libby

Liburd, Mark Lockyer, Andre Skeete have been affected by the issue. All are superb in this piece, interacting with the audience,

expertly playing multiple roles and finally moving us to tears. DarkChat David mentioned that he remembered Mark

appearing in a play at the National Theatre, reminding us that anyone can be affected by homelessness at some time in

their lives.


The piece is written with the utmost sensitivity by writer/director Adrian Jackson. It is wittily explained at the outset – as the

actors seek unsuccessfully to categorise the piece - that the narrative is based on real people and events but inevitably there

will be elements of conjecture. As I would urge everyone to see this play, I do not intend describing content but would just say

that it is the banality of some of the events which lead to tragic consequences that so effectively makes the point that no-one

should be a bystander, when small acts of kindness can make such a difference to the lives of others.


DarkChat have high regard for Summerhall and we have had some of our most memorable Fringe experiences there; ‘Near Gone’ from Two Destination Language in 2014 particularly springs to mind. It is so pleasing to see Summerhall continuing to offer shows of the highest quality with social and political relevance.


We recommend this show very highly indeed.





Cardboard Citizens: Bystanders is at Summerhall until August 25th (not Mondays)

 Summerhall: TechCube 0 (Venue 26) 


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