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Camino de Sangjaru


The lights go down - and, from an unexpected quarter, an exhilarating cacophony of percussion explodes on the ear, as

three young Korean musicians, in extraordinary headdresses, begin to take us on a journey, a musical and philosophical

quest from Korea to Santiago de Compostela, via Alice's pursuit of the White Rabbit through Wonderland.


Jazz elements combine with traditional Korean rhythms and instruments, played with skill and feeling. They express a

range of conflicting emotions engendered by the arduous 800km walk along the Camino Real, carrying their instruments

on their backs; as one of the trio remarked, "We nearly died" (and some of the projected images seemed to testify to this!).


I found it immersive, dynamic, contemplative and utterly compelling. An opportunity to meet the musicians afterwards should

not be missed!







Camino de Sangjaru is at Assembly George Square Studios until August 26th (not Mondays)

Assembly George Square Studios (Venue 17)


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