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 Basil Brush: Unleashed

There aren't many performers at this year's festival of whom I can say I last saw them perform in 1971, oddly, at the Festival

Hall in Paignton on a diverse bill with John Hanson, Larry Grayson and Leslie Crowther. This children's performer from the

1960's and 1970's has been quiet recently and, fortunately, unlike a lot of his contemporaries has not been in prison and is here to

celebrate 50 years in Show Business!


I am, of course referencing the one and only Basil Brush now unleashed in the Scottish capital for the month of August.

For some reason he never appears alone and his latest co-star (Martin Cabble Reid) is a teddy bear of a man who works

extremely hard keeping things moving.


Some "legends" don't feel they have to try too hard to entertain their devoted fans but clearly a lot of effort has gone into making

this the best show possible, providing everything his fans would want, songs, a story, games, audience participation and slapstick.


This is billed as a chat show so we were honoured with the presence of another Edinburgh legend, Jimoein (27 years at the Fringe) and a televised interview, which hopefully changes daily.


I came into this show with few expectations and only picked it to keep my wife happy, but I had a GREAT time. My wife was ridiculously excited (this was the show she looking forward to most this festival) and she sat entranced, beaming from ear to ear as if she was a child again.


So, all I can say to everyone involved is a big well done, you succeeded in making an audience (mainly of a certain age) relive one of the best parts of their adolescence.





Basil Brush Unleashed is at UnderBelly, Bristo Square until August 25th


You can also see him in Basil Brush's Family Fun Show at the same venue until August 15th 

UnderBelly, Bristo Square (Venue 302) 18.45


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