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The joy of the Edinburgh Fringe festival is tapping into the unexpected nature of shows. I picked "Along" at C South as I felt I

ought to see more dance. I was expecting gymnastic athleticism but I was blown away by the mastery of all types of dance on

offer. The only dialogue was Bruce Lee talking about his style which the highly talented 6 strong members of TS Crew used to

reveal their own characters in a variety of explosive numbers.


Similarly, I was expecting Oriental style music and was surprised and thrilled that they picked some of my favourite pieces of

music, ranging from "Uptown Funk" to the theme to "Pulp Fiction" via Benny Goodman' s" Sing, Sing, Sing".


When they took their 1st bow I felt physically exhausted just watching them. They then announced that as a Hong Kong group

they wanted to show us what the current political situation looks like there. Some documentary news footage was followed by a

new dance piece so moving this reviewer was emotionally drained by the end.


This was not the show I had expected but I felt honoured to have seen it as it proves once again that art can reveal truths about the real world we might otherwise dismiss.



Outstanding and astounding.





Along is at C Venues - C South, (Main Theatre) until August 13th

C Venues - C South (Venue 58) 14.15


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