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Alba Flamenca


In a small room within El Bar, in Southside, lies the home of Alba Flamenco - a hidden gem of explosive international

Flamenco talent.


This show features guest artists Socrates Mastrodimos, a talented guitarist, playing several flamenco styles and excelling

as both soloist and accompanist; Alvaro Ramirez Romero, a singer with a beautifully timbred voice and again wonderfully

expressive and engaging; Maria del Mar Suarez, a dancer of fiery intensity, together with the wonderful inhouse

performers playing beat box and dancing respectively (they also teach flamenco - a class definitely worth checking out if

you live in Edinburgh).


The two dancers performed together and solo with incredible verve and energy. The floor shook to thunderous,

impassioned dance, our emotions stirred to a pitch by the accompanying songs and rhythms.


I challenge you to keep still throughout this thrilling and beautifully executed show.






Alba Flamenca is at Heroes at Alba Flamenca until August 25th

Alba Flamenca (Venue 237)


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