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The Thinking Drinkers Pub Quiz

Underbelly, Bristo Square ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

August 9, 2022 at 5:40:00 PM

A lot of the shows at this festival tell you all about the content. Do I really need to spell out what to expect from the Thinking Drinkers Pub Quiz? Well, if I did I may as well just say it was good fun (spoiler) and knock off early.

In 2017 DarkChatter Carl was lured by the Thinking Drinkers with the promise of 5 free drinks. Inflation has increased this to 6 (a much-needed Tonic Water). In many ways this could become a glorified advertisement for 5 premium alcohols (beer, gin,whisky, bourbon and rum). What turns this into entertainment is the banter (and awful jokes ) between our hosts, Ben McFarland & .Tom Sandham. Oddly Ben was only the 2nd member of his family we had seen on stage this week. The previous day at Marcel Lucont: Les Enfants Terribles - A Gameshow for Awful Children, he had been encouraging his son (also seen in Thinking Drinkers Twitter advertising) to take part.

To vary the format from previous shows they have introduced a quiz element, based on previous statements made in each segment of the show, think an English comprehension if that comprehension was about Gin and sexy butterflies. Being a quiz master myself I liked the fact that a daily prize is given to a random entry even if it doesn't have all right answers. However, at my show I do not use this time to change into increasingly wild outfits.

I am not sure how much life there is left in this format for returning viewers but you have to admire their professionalism, especially as they are clearly a little tipsy at the end having drunk along with us throughout.

Good fun (I told you), though not perhaps if you are the designated driver.

The Thinking Drinkers Pub Quiz
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