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Spontaneous Potter: The Unofficial Improvised Parody

Gilded Balloon Teviot ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

August 7, 2022 at 4:00:00 PM

Anyone considering Spontaneous Potter will have a fair idea what they are going to get before they go to this show, the blurb promises "an entirely improvised wizarding comedy play, based on an audience suggestion of a fan-fiction title" and that pretty much sums it up, you get exactly what it says on the tin. Four performers plus an accompanying pianist give us a completely made up story set in the Wizarding World, made up pretty much on the spot.

On the day we attend the audience have chosen Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Bone as the title for this particular episode, it's the weekend and this audience clearly want gags that include the word bone, the bar is set! As with any improv show there is some good, some not so good but the 4 performers know what they are doing and by and large the show rattles along with plenty of laughs as we go. Aside from the main storyline we are treated to a sub-plot which gives the fairly obvious Potterhead in the cast the chance to show off his (it has to be said excellent) Dobby the House Elf impression.

If you enjoy the Potter stories or films then you will get plenty from Spontaneous Potter and this will be an hour well spent, if you're new to that Universe then this may not be the show for you.

Spontaneous Potter: The Unofficial Improvised Parody
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