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Speed Dial

Pleasance Dome ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

August 10, 2022 at 1:20:00 PM

When looking through the huge number of shows in the Fringe programme every year we are always looking for things that will entertain the entire family. This can prove especially tough, with the Junior DarkChatters now teens they have moved on from the Children's Section of the brochure but we're not quite at sweary comics with adult themes, Finding Speed Dial, by Spies Like Us Theatre we were hopeful that we had found something that would entertain all of us; we were not disappointed.

Set on a very English University campus in the 1970s we start with the ringing of phones, none of your modern mobile nonsense, these were rotary style phones that fit the era, five in total and one matching each colour that each member of the talented young cast were wearing,. These phones were put to good use as the cast swayed and moved around the stage - phones in hand - as the ringing followed The Professor around the city, on the end of the line a mysterious stranger with a message for him.

What follows is a pretty rip-roaring hour; sound, lighting and scenery come together to enhance a show that is really well done, the movement and choreography of the young cast is excellent, the music ("that old music" as one teen called it) fitted both the time and the story. This show really is the sum of all of its parts. The actors stick just about on the right side of hamming it up too far and the mystery is resolved in what seems like double quick time as we have been enjoying ourselves so much. We'll be sure to keep an eye on Spies Like Us in future and we suggest you think about doing the same.

Reviews by Teens

Speed Dial is set in a 1970s University, where an English professor is sent on a hunt to solve the mystery of who has kidnapped his daughter. There are puzzles, dancing and acting which all combine to make it a very interesting performance.

As the clues take the professor running across the university campus and town, other secrets are uncovered about the characters, some of which tie in with the story. There are many different songs in the show, most of which are from the 70s or 80s. Overall, it was a very engaging show, and I would recommend this to any mystery solvers out there at the fringe this year, but even if you aren't it is a good show to watch if you are looking for something to see.

Speed Dial
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