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MARVELus: All the MARVEL Movies... Kind Of

Just the Tonic at The Caves ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

August 11, 2022 at 5:10:00 PM

Despite our Junior DarkChatters having been teenagers for only a matter of months, they have been coming to the Edinburgh festival now for a decade (we start them young here) and although I have seen many shows with them this was the first time that just the three of us have seen a show. Why, now I hear you ask? Well every other adult (except me) wanted to see John Robins.

For the second time today the itinerary gods were on my side and at virtually the same time as the above named show and also at the Caves was "MARVELus". With both Jnr DarkChatters being 13 (you work it out) this was the perfect show for them, me being 50 years older (and their carer), not so much!

I need to be careful here as they start the show criticising reviewers for saying you will enjoy it more if you are a Marvel fan; but it's true. I enjoyed the show even if I can't differentiate between a member of The Justice League and an Avenger (assuming they are not the same) and the in-jokes were not aimed at me. However, I loved the energy levels and enthusiasm of Gary Tro and Javier Jarquin who are true nerds and led us through most of the Marverl films (there are a lot of them).

Most importantly the boys loved it (see their review below) and let's be honest that is the whole point of the show, and in a cinematic twist I can reveal that in 2018 the boys saw and enjoyed Javier in Card Ninja, for which he received a nomination for Best Performance In A Children's show.

Reviews by Teens

MarvelUs:All the Marvel Films, Kind Of is a very good show about (most of) the Marvel films. It had lots of very funny comedy and an amazing stunt double, 'The Blue Onesie'.

The two performers did a great job with some crowd interaction, which was mostly from one certain member of the audience who everyone thinks was named Flora. They took a scene from each Marvel film and made an amazingly funny comedy sketch for it.

The show is really good if you like Marvel, but is still excellent even if you haven't seen any of the Marvel films. This is a show I would definitely recommend to anyone.

MARVELus: All the MARVEL Movies... Kind Of
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