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Jake Donaldson: Neurotica

Laughing Horse at Cabaret Voltaire ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

August 11, 2022 at 11:00:00 AM

After a later start than I had initially planned my first show of the day was at midday and took me to the Long Room beneath Cabaret Voltaire, where it was thankfully cool despite it being - by Edinburgh standards at least - ridiculously hot outside. Result!

The second result of the day was Jake Donaldson, "a male comedian who just wants to be a good feminist" but whose father doesn't want him doing any of that performing or arty farty stuff so he had shied away from it previously but eventually rebelled leading us to where we are today, a near cave in Edinburgh where Jake has rushed from work to appear.

We're on fairly well worn ground here from a comedic standpoint, relationships (with girlfriends and parents) and a bit of self-discovery along the way. We are however in good hands, Donaldson is pretty relaxed and likeable and the fairly small crowd are all soon onside and the room is chuckling away for the best part of the hour. Most of the material, particularly that about his Dad is decent stuff and there is even a bit of extra cabaret thrown in for good measure, I'll say no more than that but it's worth waiting for.

Jake's Dad, you've nothing to worry about, your boy is pretty good at this. Thumb yourself a lift to where he is playing and give him some support, he'll do you proud. If you're not Jake's Dad and just looking for a free show to ease you into your Fringe day you'll be pleased enough if you choose this as your starting point.

A solid show from someone with the potential to go far.

Jake Donaldson: Neurotica
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