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Last year DarkChatter Carl quite enjoyed being locked in a dark shipping container during Darkfield's "Flight". (In fact it actually

won the DarkChat award for Best Entertainment).


This year they are back with "Coma" another darkened locked in container based show this time revolving around sleep. You

pick your bunk bed of choice and given the option to take a pill (I never found mine). Then you lie back and listen to the voice

coming through your headphones. To be honest the spoken word narrative didn't do a lot for me bit I was mesmerised by the

notion that you believed he was actually walking the corridor talking directly into your ear as he passed by and providing a

draught that some movement creates.


Whilst waiting to enter the container an American coming out uttered the immortal phrase "Holy Crap", which I think is a quotation for the poster and slightly unnerved us. I didn't feel as strongly as that but I did feel rather disconcerted and on edge, which may explain why I failed to remember how a ladder worked and foolishly decided to jump down from a bunk on the 3rd level. My bruised elbows are now rainbow colours.


If you fancy something different this show is for you.





Coma is at Summerhall until August 25th (not Mondays)

 Summerhall: The Terrace (Venue 26) 


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