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Edinburgh Preview - Choo Choo! (Or... Have You Ever Thought About ****** **** *****? (Cos I Have))

David Cox

Jul 21, 2023

Dave choo-chooses to attend his first Edinburgh preview of the year.

Wednesday 19th July 2023

Having been attending the Edinburgh festival since 1976 and reviewing since 2007 I love this time of year. You can tell from social media that the performers are getting excited, as are we. July is a great time to catch preview shows and although, sadly , this may be the only one I see this year I am thrilled to choose  "Choo Choo....".

I have spent a lot of time in the last month scouring the Edinburgh brochure planning our shows and it is clear that one of the most prevalent (and relevant) topics concerns mental health. The subject matter could be a tricky watch, but any topic if it is well-written and is innovative in its staging is worth watching. 

Nye Russell-Thompson and Duncan Hallis play Nye & Duncan a seemingly happy couple, dressed in colourful dungarees reminiscent of all-singing, all-dancing, bouncy children's television performers. Through their cheesy opening song and imaginary radio shows we discover that behind the smiles lie pain.

Stammermouth Productions company was created by Nye to deal with his personal experiences growing up. By re-living these on stage every night he opens up a scary world I knew little about, but in director Nerida Bradley's hands she ensures that the issues raised are dealt with in an informing and entertaining, but also a moving way. There is audience participation, but in a good way allowing the performers to show their improvisational skills.

Impressively, not only was Laura Goulden doing sterling signing work on the night (and beautifully incorporated into the show) they plan to have a signer throughout their Edinburgh run.

This is a thought provoking and life affirming hour that you will not regret spending with two impressive and likeable characters who will make you laugh and cry. What more could you possible want?

"Choo Choo! (Or... Have You Ever Thought About ****** **** *****? (Cos I Have))"

is at Pleasance Dome from 2nd-28th August (not Mondays) 

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