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Thor Stenhaug

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House


With another show requesting me not to review (unheard of at the Edinburgh festival) due to technical difficulties I found myself with a rare huge afternoon gap. I couldn't find anything I fancied so I decided to be influenced by a flyer, something I rarely do.

Typically no one seemed keen to offer me one and I was surprised how quiet the Royal Mile was, for both performers and flyerers. However when I moved towards Assembly George Square I met Thor Stenhaug who seemed personable and made three vital statements, one his show was free, two the venue was nearby and three the show would be starting soon . So, I found myself at The Counting House, a space I haven't visited for quite a while.

The room (the Loft) is compact and fairly full and we sat enraptured as Thor wrapped his comedy web around us. It basically revolved around his life and how he coped with having Thor and Odin as his first names.

Weirdly this was my second Scandinavian themed comedy show of the day as my previous show dealt with living in Denmark,  This show is much better.

Perhaps I am getting older (perhaps there is no perhaps about it) but this year I have been surprised by the frankness shown by younger comedians dealing with their sexual exploits so I know a lot about how he lost his virginity and that he, and his thirteen year brother, both shave their balls (another young person trait).

The joy of the free fringe from an audience member's point of view is that it is financially open to all though obviously you are expected to contribute at the end , though I feel Thor is slightly optimistic about what people are willing to pay at a "free" show. The downside is that there is no quality control and you can easily see something awful. However, if like today you uncover a rare talent you do feel very fortunate and pleased with yourself.

So, if you have a spare forty five minutes and want to see some very funny comedy head to The Loft at the Counting House. You will have a great time though be careful who you go with as Thor's eyesight is not great and be prepared for him to mix up your girlfriend with your mother!

Thor Stenhaug is on at Laughing Horse @ the Counting House until August 27th

Note that the show is listed as Grateful for the Opportunity on the edfringe website

and as One Night Stand Baby on the Free Fringe website

Details here and here

Thor Stenhaug
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