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The Early Word

Summerhall - Red Lecture Theatre


I first saw John Hegley at the Fringe in 1989 and, ever since, always try to find the time to catch that year's Fringe show and try to bring friends along who have not had this unique experience.  

The Early Word has an early time slot and we went to see this show towards the end of our week at the Fringe. So just as late nights were starting to take their toll, an hour of poems, songs and silliness was just what we needed to set us up for another hectic day.  John Hegley is such a gifted communicator and his shows are a celebration of the power of the imagination, the beauty of words and the poetry to be found in the mundane.

Just to watch a group of adults participate with the enthusiasm of a primary school class in a poem about snails, makes me feel that a regular dose of Hegley should be available on prescription.  

Highly recommended.

The Early Word is on at Summerhall until August 27th

Tickets available here

The Early Word
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