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The Booth

Bedlam Theatre


The Booth is a new play performed by the Edinburgh University Theatre Company.  Presenting a new piece at the Fringe is so challenging that the company are to be congratulated on their ambition.

There are some interesting ideas - a radio play is being recorded, complete with a foley artist proving the sound effects, and the action switches between the play being transmitted and the interaction of the cast, the director and a welfare officer, during breaks in the recording. 

At times there seemed to be too much happening at once and it would perhaps have helped the audience if the action was more focused.  I did find myself wondering when the play was set, as the accents used for the radio play seemed to belong to the 50's but the presence of a welfare officer seemed to jar with a historical setting.

The play ends rather abruptly, with the conclusion of the recording of the radio play, without resolving the storylines outside of the recording.  However, the cast totally committed to the general mayhem and silliness of the piece, the audience was enthusiastic and perhaps it was better to leave us wanting more.

The Booth is on at Bedlam Theatre until August 13th

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The Booth
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