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Rob Auton: The Rob Auton Show

Assembly Roxy


For those of you who read our website fully or regularly check our reviews you will that we have been huge fans of Rob' s since the early days. Generally, Darkchat are not great at spotting talent at the beginning of their careers, though we did see Rob, Mischief Theatre and Alex Horne in their very early years.

So it gives us great delight to see Rob playing Assembly Roxy in front of huge audiences who love him as much as we do. He has an easy going persona , though if you arrive late at his gig expect a less than warm welcome.

Every show of his follows a specific theme, and this year it revolves around himself. In other people's hands this could be rather self indulgent but Rob is too seasoned a performer to let that happen. What we get are stories and photos of his which manage to be both hysterically funny and quite moving. Rob is predominantly a poet so the show naturally contains a variety of beautiful and funny poems.

What I love best about one of his shows is when he he closes his show with an emotional poem spoken above a crescendo of music and I leave the venue an emotional mess, which I think makes at least two of us.

So, if you want to see a master wordsmith at the top of his game head to Assembly Roxy go one of the top shows at this year's festival. Oh, bring a credit card, he has merchandise.

Rob Auton is at Assembly Roxy until 26th August

Tickets available here

Rob Auton: The Rob Auton Show
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