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Paul Connell: Ace in the Whole

Boteco do Brasil


Occasionally at Darkchat Towers an email appears amongst the myriad of others requesting a review which really grabs my attention, that was how I became aware of Paul Connell. He couldn't afford to appear in the official Edinburgh festival brochure but his explanation about his show sounded interesting and he followed it up with an astonishing interview (definitely worth checking out here).

Boteco do Brasil is not a venue I was aware of, but I was impressed that although it is part of a restaurant it is in the basement and you really can't hear any noise from above. The danger of a show in a pub or restaurant is that you can attract a noisy clientele and I was a little concerned for Paul that we were sitting in front of some drunk opinionated Scottish folks. However, it is to Connell's credit (and his comedic skills) that he won them over and they stayed (fairly quietly) until they having thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Paul is from Hull and is extremely likeable with an astonishing tale to tell. We hear about his youth and life with his father and brother and all the larks they used to get up to. This is extremely funny and something happens which changes the entire tone of the show. 

Ultimately, this is about the tricky subject of dealing with death. Paul's choice is to remember the good times and re-tell the fun times to ensure that their memory and spirit lives on. And everyone at the Boteco do Brasil will agree with him. I loved every moment of "Ace In The Hole" but the ending is truly wondrous and will remain burned into my brain for a very long time.

I have seen bigger named comedians at this year's festival but Paul Connell "Ace In The Hole" is the best hour's comedy I have seen and the perfect example that taking the occasional chance can pay dividends!

Paul Connell: Ace in the Whole is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

at Boteco do Brasil until August 23rd

Details here

Paul Connell: Ace in the Whole
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