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No Dragon No Lion

C Venues, C aurora


From the first clash of Chinese percussion and eight dancers with traditional fiercely painted faces, this is a piece that seizes the audience and demands our attention and appreciation.  They take us through a history of male, Chinese martial arts, acrobatics and evocations of the traditional Dragon Dance using undulating red wooden benches, and the Lion Dance, using a woven mask, their bodies and an exuberant display of physical pyrotechnics.  An extraordinary sequence using two talented beat boxers left us breathless.

The group exhibit verve, unbeleivable skill, humour and grace.  

The show is a tour de force of energy and inventiveness in a space that, though small, enabled them to leave the audience in awe of the range of their skills and interpretation of so many aspects of Hong Kong and Chinese physical movement, ancient and modern.

A fantastic show, highly recommended..

No Dragon No Lion
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