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Mark Watson: Search

Pleasance Courtyard - Pleasance One


Mark Watson has been coming to the Edinburgh Fringe for over 2 decades, he is by any measure, a Fringe staple and this is reflected in his audience, many of whom (us included)  have seen him grow up at the Fringe, get engaged, married and now a divorced Dad to two growing kids, one of which has just got their first smartphone,

This a show about the bond between fathers and sons, how that is expressed, and how technology has seemingly changed this down the years.  It’s particularly relevant to anyone who has grown up with Watson and his cohort of comedians (a line about “this is why I spend so much time with Tim Key” is very well received), but can be enjoyed by anyone.

Watson is as he has ever been, a bundle of nervous, excitable energy seemingly ready to explode at any minute, he makes no secret of his adoration for the Fringe, “it’s the one month of the year I am relevant” and he clearly loves being here. This rubs off on the audience who are laughing from start to finish, everyone leaves glad that we’ve seen him.  

Our Fringe has properly begun!

Mark Watson: Search is on at Pleasance Courtyard (One) throughout the festival

Tickets avilable here

Mark Watson: Search
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