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Luke Wright's Silver Jubilee

Pleasance Dome - 10 Dome


Darkchat David and Anne saw Luke Wright for the first time at the Fringe in 2007 at 'Luke Wright's Poetry Party' and we keep coming back for more.  In recent years he has adopted various persona to deliver epic poems that take a wry look at some of the absurdities of modern life, but this time, to celebrate his 25 years as a poet, he offers us a range of shorter pieces of personal and heartfelt reflection.  

From the outset with the poem 'Silver Jubilee' his delivery is as powerful as ever and the show never loses momentum.  It is hard to pick out individual moments from such a tour de force but for me his delivery of 'Murmuration' was breathtaking.

Without wanting to reveal too much, on this occasion, the personal stories that inspired some of the poems resulted in more Darkchat discussion after the show than the pieces themselves, especially the dilemma he currently faces.  

Luke Wright is a gifted performer, a talented poet and a definite favourite of ours.  Treat yourself to an hour in his company.

Luke Wright's Silver Jubilee is on at Pleasance Dome until August 15th

Tickets avilable here

Luke Wright's Silver Jubilee
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