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Looking For Fun?

Bedlam Theatre


A happy accident meant that my opening two shows at this year's Edinburgh festival were both one person shows from the gay community. Whereas Sing, River balanced being in the modern day with reminiscences of the far distant past, Looking For Fun is unrepentantly of the moment.

Our hero deals with coping with life in London, Hounslow, to be process as a single gay man using sex to deal with his loneliness. This is a no holds barred exposé of the current male gay scene, I now know everything I need to know about PrEP usage and the ups and downs, literally, of online dating .

This kind of play lives and dies by the quality of the writing and acting.  Fortunately the audience are well served in each capacity.

The immensely talented and charismatic Conor O'Cuinn is both actor and writer making the character and his life completely believable and relatable. You share his hopes and disappointments whilst not always agreeing with his lifestyle choices. A one person show lasting an hour often has a period where the momentum sags but thanks to Conor's talents and excellent direction from Tazy Harrison Moore we are always involved even if it is not always a comfortable watch.

I have been coming to the festival since 1986 and I am always impressed with the talent and imagination shown by people not well known. "Looking For Fun ' is not in the brochure and I would not have been aware of it's existence without an email requesting a review. I am so glad I came as this is exactly the kind of experience the Edinburgh festival exists.

Please hurry to the Bedlam theatre to catch it before the run ends on the 13th. Highly recommended.

Looking for Fun? is on at Bedlam Theatre until August 13th

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Looking For Fun?
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