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John Robins: Work in Progress

Just the Tonic Nucleus - Sub Atomic Room


For the second year running John Robins is bringing two shows to Edinburgh, a main show(Howl) each evening and a work in progress show during the day, both at the Nucleus venue from Just the Tonic. Having seen the show that became Howl as a WIP last year I have no doubt that it is excellent so we chose once again to see this years Work in Progress show to see what Robins has in store for us in the future.

Whilst it might usually be unfair to review and score a Work in Progress show based on normal criteria, Robins is no normal comedian.  He is a previous winner of Edinburgh’s biggest comedy gong, has been coming to Edinburgh to perform for over 15 years and has presented one of the countries most popular comedy radio show and podcasts with Elis James for almost a decade.

He tells us at the beginning of the show what we might expect, some material he is testing, some material that will be reworked in time and some material that may never see the light again.  After that we are away, he quickly spots our teenagers on the front row and checks with them that they know all the swears he will be using in his hour (can confirm they do) and following a bit of other chat with the audience and some very Robins-like meditation is into some top notch material.

The rest of the show flies by and for the second year in a row we’re happy to report that whatever this show may become in the future it looks certain to be another winner.

John Robins: Work in Progress is on at Just the Tonic Nucleus

until August 27th (not Mondays or Fridays)

Tickets available here

John Robins: Work in Progress
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