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Ivo Graham: Organised Fun

Pleasance Courtyard - Beyond


For my very first show of the Fringe this year 6 of us headed to Pleasance Courtyard to see Ivo Graham organise some fun.  The show begins before you’re even in the door as Graham wanders the queue offering a QR code that lets the audience become part of the show.

The audience then choose his outfit and we’re away and into the show proper. Graham has been visiting the Fringe for over a decade despite his seemingly young appearance (one of our party described him as like an excitable puppy) and his experience shows.  It’s a big room by Edinburgh standards but he is at ease with the large audience and they are to the most part in the palm of his hand.  There is an element of crowd interaction (tonight it was the man of many caps; Aztec pattern on a Thursday) and straight stand-up and then the culmination of the show, utilising the questions we filled in at the beginning topped off by a great call-back, calling back almost 15 years!

If you want to see the show you’ll need to act fast,tickets are selling fast, and with good reason, this is an excellent show by a ‘young veteran’ of the Fringe. Get yourself along and join in the fun!

Ivo Graham: Organised Fun is on at Pleance Courtyard (Beyond) every day until August 27th

Tickets are available here

Ivo Graham: Organised Fun
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